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Any good recommendations for a good gaming mouse? I would prefer something in a red/black look as that is my gaming style :D

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I'm using the Corsair Scimitar Pro RGB. You can get it in the yellow/black or black and set the RGB to red. It has 12 buttons on the side so if you are into MMO's or MOBA's it's good. Same with shooters pretty easy to cycle weapons with it as well.

Maaster Yoda

logitech g 502, black color and adjustable light. 

Maaster Yoda

or you just looking for hyperx stuff?




I really like the Razer DeathAdder (Chroma). Just feels always smooth in my hand without wrist pain after a longer period of playing.


razer dea


Maaster Yoda said:

logitech g 502, black color and adjustable light. 

I have also that and its good but my wire is bit broken it works 100% but that material on top has gone bit bad at some places


I highly recommend the G502, it's very comfortable and while it has a laser sensor, it is still incredibly accurate from how I've been using it. It is a bit heavy though. You should just go to a store and feel the mouses they have there, decide which ones are most comfortable and go from there.


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