Aurora R5 i5 6400 upgrade path

Aurora R5 i5 6400 upgrade path

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Just received an alienware Aurora R5 and it has a new hard drive and windows 10 and I was wondering what programs I should install and what are my options when it comes to upgrading? It has the i5 6400 already with a gtx970. So from what I've read, it would be worthless to install an i7 6600k since I can't overclock with this motherboard so would a standard i7 6700 be a worthy upgrade. I was also wondering if I can add another gtx970? I'm guessing I would need a better power supply but what are my options for a bolt on power supply upgrade. Thanks guys!!

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If it's the big desktop computer any regular ATX power supply will fit. It should be a Dell 460W power supply which is good up to a Geforce 1070/1080 (NOT "Ti" models).

You can stick any video card in it that you want to as well. Pretty sure people have had good luck with the Geforce 1070 and 1080 GTX Founder's Edition type cards.

The i5-6400 is kinda slow but it's still fast enough for gaming, that is what my computer has and I play all sorts of stuff on it.


Sweet. Now if I ordered the 6600k would I be able to overclock it?


The power supply upgrade is not as simple as it may seem.  The dell PSUs are not modular, therefore you will need to rewire the whole system in order to replace it. 

I would spend the extra 100 and buy a i7 7700k if you really want to upgrade.  

You should be able to overclock in the alienware bios.  Usaully there are two prebuilt OC options, or just manually increase the core frequency for each core.


Thanks for the help Ogrewax! I already have an Aurora R5 with the i5 6400. Im hoping that if I install an i5 6600k or i7 6700k that I'll be able to overclock the cpu. I've figured out how to get a custom vrm heatsink to work and a place to get the original Aurora liquid cooling kit just wanted to make sure it was a waste of time if I wasn't going to be allowed to overclock the CPU anyways. Right now the option to overclock is turned off due to the current CPU being locked. Hope it turns on when I install the unlocked liquid cooled CPU.