Any new or up coming games

Any new or up coming games

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Is there any new or upcoming games on Kick Starter? Any suggestions Are appreciated. Please let me know So I may check them out.



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Waiting for;
Death's Gambit, still waiting. Anyday now.
Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night (as a fan of Koji Igarashi's Castlevania series),
Dead Cells,
Ghost of a Tale, It is released.
RED ASH - The Indelible Legend (from Keiji Inafune), Edit: I am sorry I saw it recently. But this project was unfortunately canceled before. So it's a High Risk project even if not death. Proceed with this at your own risk. I myself like Inafune's games but if it flops no reason to deceive people. So ignore this one for the time being.
Aegis Defenders (Ghibli inpired platfomer),
Forgotten Anne (Ghibli inspired platform adventure),
Lona: Realm of Colors (Ghibli inspired point & click), [Yeah I like Ghibli art style]
 Praey For The Gods (Anticipate this highly, a cross between the long dark+skyrim+the long dark),
The Last Night (Don't know what to expect from this one but looks "blade runner"esque).

Hope this helps.

Also was waiting for "Lynn and the Spirits of Inao" but sadly it got cancelled because the studio used interns without paying them to make it. I hope the interns round up together this game by themselves. So they get their righteous share and we get our game. But that's just a hope.


Thanks will check them out when I get time :)

Play hard today..Repeat tomorrow


interesting. is there one you prefer?


Quite a few Ghibli inspired games