Laser League Closed Beta Key Giveaway

Laser League Closed Beta Key Giveaway

The Laser League Closed Beta test is starting this weekend, December 15th! Now is your chance to test the upcoming online multiplayer futuristic sport. Experience a sneak peek of new content, including never-before-seen maps and party play, which will be available in the game once it reaches Early Access on Steam in early 2018. Collect your Steam Beta Code today and redeem it to begin playing on Friday!

Closed Beta begins Friday, December 15 around 9 AM PST.

About Laser League:
Laser League is unlike anything you’ve played before. An all-new multiplayer experience – easy to pick up, but nearly impossible to put down – Laser League starts as a simple test of your reflexes, but becomes a strategic showdown with deep team tactics. As they advance, players can master and combine unique class abilities with their teammates, dominate the pitch by commandeering brightly colored laser nodes to eliminate opponents, and claim their place on the podium as thousands of fans cheer from the stands of neon-lit stadiums.

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Thx for the Giveaway!




wow looks like tron :D Let's go try it! TY AWA!

Ama hasla :D


Thank you!


Thank you!







Es mejor estar callado y parecer tonto que hablar y despejar las dudas definitivamente.


Keys expires after beta right?




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