Area 51 fan speed.

Area 51 fan speed.

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I can only control 2 fans in my area 51 R2. I'd like to control my cpu fans aswell as these are only running at 800rpm and I need more airflow for my gpus.

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You can't control the CPU fan speed, also known as the radiator fan on the left

I'd like to control my cpu fans as well, as these are only running at 800rpm

CPU fans? Plural? A typo & u meant GPU fans?

You get one CPU fan, without speed control (unless the Bios Hardware Monitor allows manual CPU fan = Radiator fan control), You do get right hand case wall fans, two can be set to manual speeds (using CmndCntr Thermal Page, set to manual, make a fixed speed % or set a thermal/speed curve), just crank them up. You can add a 3rd case wall fan if you have the VNPD3 fan holder, but a 3rd fan would have no speed control in CmndCntr, but would blow air in at fixed speed when connected to motherboard fan header

The motherboard Top_Fan header, which now probably outputs to your Delta / Nidec 1.4amp / 1.5amp server-grade 120mm x 38mm pwm fan, if when adding a 3rd fan to VNPD3 holder, a person would buy a pair of 120 x 25mm pwm fans that do not exceed 0.75amps each, toss the Delta, buy a PWM fan splitter, then both fans can run off of one header while having your control through CmndCntr, same as u have w/the Delta (1.5amps is the max you want to pull off of a fan header, therefore when using two fans, buy ones rated @ 0.75amps or under) Area 51 R2 MB Fan Headers support PWM?

MSI AfterBurner, Radeon Crimson have manual GPU fan speed control, I don't know if GeForce software does or not, find out & crank it up 



I moved the cpu fan to the front for a third intake fan and replaced my cpu fan with 2 corsair ml120 pros for a push pull connected with a splitter. I could try to switch the cpu and top mounted fan as that one has fan control. Also the intake over there doesn't really matter to much as anything around 1000 rpm for that fan should be fine.


Uh huh, you have to get off of the CPU_Fan header, but let's back up

With radiator now moved, now in push-pull, now with splitter, splitter when plugged into Top_Fan, can have speed control

With 'new' exhaust fan where the radiator used to be, when that fan is connected to CPU_Fan header, it will be tied to CPU temp, same as the radiator was, spin at 800RPM

I've got a MagLev here too, not too shabby. If your intention is three (top mid bot) right-hand case wall fans (four because push-pull), the very bottom fan, a Delta 1.5amp, now running off of Bot_Fan header, you could evict the bottom Delta, put a splitter on Bot_Fan header & run a pair of 0.75amp fans as we talked about & have speed control over them if you have VNPD3 (Mid_Fan) bracket that can accept a mid fan (Mid_Fan header does not have speed control). Confused yet?

You can explore a cheap PCI slot fan

It's my opinion that the power supply is upside down, I get better results by flipping it fan up, placing a screen / dust filter over it is mandatory; this orientation is superior to expecting it to suck a pocket of hot air that does not exist out from under the bottom left corner like that > fan face up gets it involved in the body of the case where it can scoop it up & exhaust it out by the GPU. Don't agree? Put it back the way it was after testing ... ... ...


Didn't think about the psu fan. I might try something with that if this doesnt work.

Also my radiator is still in the same position. I just moved the radiator fan to the front and connected this to the mid fan header. The rpm seems to be fine, not to loud but also good airflow. As for my exhaust it is the radiator with the push-pull corsairs. I just switched the cpu fan header with the top one and will check if I can control the fans now.


It seems to be working except that my fans keep case fans keep going idle while the system is under load. I used ACC to change to curve or add a stock fan speed setting but they keep going idle whatever I do.


Did you buy 4pin PWM fans? 4pin splitter? I no longer remember if CmndCntr has effect with 3pin fans or not. If you're using 4pin pwm fans & they refuse to obey your speed command set in the software (fixed or on a curve), at idle, you might be able to set to 75% and see if they comply, if so, next time you do something with high power high heat, set to 50% fixed speed beforehand & check temps. If speeds are married to one or both of your temp sensors, you might move a temp sensor to a better spot, by doing so the fan curve might work better. I wouldn't know what else to suggest at the moment. I'll check back tomorrow to hear about it


Everything works. Both my fans connected with the splitter and the upper case fan header are working with a curve and running at 1000-1500 rpm depending on the temp. Although when I adjust my pcie fan it goes idle after a few minutes and then stays idle at 800 rpm. This is also the only fan which I never touched or changed so it's kind of strange that only this fan doesnt work.

So it randomly goes from 1250rpm (13%) to 800 rpm (idle)




I could really us eone of these brackets any idea where i can get one?


I just bought one on eBay for about $10.00

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