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Any suggestions on the best gaming keyboard out there? I'm talking about one that doesn't wear out so fast from spamming the keys. I like playing dead by daylight but you have to spam the a and d keys and they seem to wear out fast.

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I don't know if it's "the best," but I've been very happy with my corsair k70. The keys haven't worn out from WASD spam (I play mostly PUBG, Fortnite, and Battlerite), but the  face of the keycaps have started to fade. That seems to be a common theme on most keyboards I've used though.


Get a mechanical keyboard. After using it for about a week you'll never want a regular keyboard ever again.


I've talked about this topic regarding mechanical vs membrane keyboard many times. If you are using a keyboard that you got with your computer or a cheap bundled keyboard, its most likely membrane. 

Mechanical keyboards will in no way give you any advantage in regular gaming. Sure the mechanical switches are rated for more strokes, but will you really need 20-50 million stroke lifespan. What matters in gaming is your reaction time and how fast you can respond to it. All you need to make sure is that your keyboard that you buy has a decent polling rate which means it will register your key press faster. Also your concern mentioned above of keys wearing out is very low, i doubt anyone has a membrane keyboard that is so overused that the keyboard doesn't work. 

Another thing to add, mechanical keyboards are NOT faster in response compared to membrane keyboards in my testing, in fact they sometimes come up slower, I compared a cheap $50 mechanical keyboard to a similar priced gaming membrane keyboard, the membrane keyboard has a faster polling rate as well as more features like USB passthrough and macros. Mechanical keyboards are more of a novelty or enthusiast item rather than one for the average consumer, if you can't afford it, don't get it.


Thank you all for responding I'll be doing major research. My fear is paying a lot of money for a keyboard then having to replace it in 3 months. You did give me light on what to research which will make it easier for me.


I don't really know any good keyboards (mainly because I use some regular one that I find at the nearest Wal-Mart) but some advice I can give is that it MUST be wired. I had a wireless Logitech keyboard that kept on disconnecting or something to where I would freeze and not be able to do much. I was essentially a sitting duck.


Yes my husband loves his wireless Logitech keyboard and mouse and never has a problem with them unless the batteries die. He has tried to get me to use them but when it comes to that and headphones I'm hardwired all the way.


I wouldn't say "best" or anything close to it, but i have a Trust GXT 280 keyboard, and it's been pretty good for me, I've been using it for a few years and the keys just started to wear out.


I Thank you all for the suggestion. When you all give me the name of the keyboards you like it helps me better research. I appreciate it.


For me the Logitech Mechanical Keyboards.


I need an update, but this has been very good to me.  Saitek Eclipse 3