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This list will be updated as more questions arise. 

Q: What are Daily Quests?

A: Earn points each day by completing various quests around the site. These can include creating content, entering contests, updating your profile, and more. Quests change daily, so make sure to check your ARP Status every day.

Q: My quest didn’t complete when it should have.

A: ARP is not awarded until after a page reload following the completion of a quest. Occasionally, some quests can take awhile to update. This is a known issue and being worked on.  You will get the points soon. 

Q: When do Quests reset?

A: All Quests reset at 00:01 UTC

Q: I don’t know what this Quest is asking me to do.

A: Some quests are specifically designed to be difficult to figure out. However, we encourage using the forums and asking other members for advice. 

Q: I’m not getting bonus ARP on Consecutive logins

A: Bonus ARP is only awarded to Daily Quests and Voting on Content.

Q: I’m still confused about Community Gain (CG).

A: When people vote on your content, your hidden score changes depending on if its an upvote or a downvote. Your hidden score is affected by each member based on their current level.  As your hidden score rises, you will gain ARP.  We do not publicly disclose your hidden score or the formula for converting it to ARP.  The number you see next to your content only shows your upvote subtracted by downvote total. 

Q: I don’t see my Shoutbox, Friends list, Relics and other perks. 

A: Each on of these, and other, perks unlock as you level up.  Please refer to the /rewards page to see when each perk unlocks. 

Q: How do I select Relics?

A: On any piece of content that you created, you will see a ‘Relic’ button. Click the button and it will add the relic to your profile page.  To remove it, just select the button again. 

Q: I don’t see the Relic button

A: Your level is to low OR you have four relics already selected.  Remove some before adding new ones. 

Q: It says I have access to a prestige key pool for giveaways.  Where do I find that?

A: Just grab a key like normal.  You will automatically get a key from the prestige pool.  No extra work required.  You’re welcome.  

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Yes! Master 1!

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elpitaya said:

Yes! Master 1!

Now on to master 2......


Master shmaster...oh wait...



On to a great start of next level ARP system!


This features are actually cool :D 


interesting. Let's see how this works 


this is awesome update! i am loving it so far :) 

thank you so much ! 

Tell me the story about how the sun loved the moon so much he died every night just to let her breathe.


Liking the sounds of the prestige pool, and daily quests are a nice addition. Wonder how challenging they may get.

Raduhendrix's upload is better than mine.


Looks like a nice update to the ARP system so far, some cool new features :)
Daily quests are a good idea to keep people active here.


very good, thank you for the information. This system is better then the old one

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