Tech is reportedly going to get much more expensive as silicon costs rise

Tech is reportedly going to get much more expensive as silicon costs rise

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According to a report from Korean-based news outlet, ETNews, SUMCO, a Japanese silicon wafer manufacturer responsible for over 60 percent of the world’s supply, is planning on increasing prices by 20 percent in 2018. Then, another price increase is supposed to take place in 2019.

A quote from SUMCO CEO, Hashimoto Mayuki can be found in the report, in which he confirms the plans to raise prices. Silicon wafers are used widely in the tech world as the basis for DRAM, NAND flash, CPUs and GPUs. With demand increasing, prices are also going to increase.

SUMCO estimates that global wafer demands will rise to 6.6 million units a month by 2020. Given that the manufacturers can only deliver so much, demand will continue to outstrip supply, leading to price hikes.

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This is really bad news I hope it does not come true.


You can go only that much high. Some countries already have to pay much more for hardware than the US. And now crypto currency miners snatch up graphics card leaving the regular customer frustrated. Used marked is an option if you can find good deals. Sometimes you can get previous generation much cheaper as people offload stuff in order to buy the latest and greatest. Samsung and Apple also wants chips in their new flagships so that's why the shortages. Highest bidder gets the priority.