[Software] [AT] How Antivirus Can Open You to Attacks That Otherwise Wouldn’t Be Possible

[Software] [AT] How Antivirus Can Open You to Attacks That Otherwise Wouldn’t Be Possible

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Antivirus programs, in many cases, make us safer on the Internet. Other times, they open us to attacks that otherwise wouldn't be possible. On Friday, a researcher documented an example of the latter—a vulnerability he found in about a dozen name-brand AV programs that allows attackers who already have a toehold on a targeted computer to gain complete system control.

AVGater, as the researcher is calling the vulnerability, works by relocating malware already put into an AV quarantine folder to a location of the attacker's choosing. Attackers can exploit it by first getting a vulnerable AV program to quarantine a piece of malicious code and then moving it into a sensitive directory such as C:\Windows or C:\Program Files, which normally would be off-limits to the attacker.

So if you can't trust your own AV program anymore, what can you trust?

What one program has a near bullet proof track record of protection that no AV program can touch? thinking.gif

The solution is right here.

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has anyone actually clicked on the blind 'the solution is right here' link?   dumb if they do....


Inspection reveals that the link is just to the noscript site. Nothing too bad, but yea would be better if the OP had actually just spelt it out that you should get a browser malicious script blocker.