What PUBG, Fortnite boasted with 20 million players

What PUBG, Fortnite boasted with 20 million players

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds daily plays two million people, but its indirect competition in the form of game Fortnite wants to present itself in the best light to minimize that record. Namely, the development team Epic boasted how Fortnite played over 20 million players. With the consideration that the game is on the market less than PUBG, this is probably a success. Fortnite is really one of the most played new games this year.

However, Epic in this math has slightly beautified statistics to make this result impressive. In the mentioned figure includes also players of Fortnite Battle Royale mode, which is practically a separate F2P game. On the other hand, any comparison with PUBG is somewhat unfortunate because Fortnite is available on three platforms, while PUBG is still PC exclusive.

But one thing is for sure - 2017 we will definitely remember as the year in which the two most played new games were early access titles.

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Cool! Thats alot Player :D


I guess the fact that it is free makes it gain more players :P

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one in 20 mil.


Soon PUBG will be a 3 platform game... so guess.... Bye bye Fortnite XD

Back with ma Big Mac


Damn that's a whole lot of people, I wonder how many of them are active though.


I tried fortnite battle royale and didn't like it...



2 milions playing per day


good boost 20 mln


Congrats of reaching so many people!

Vote with your wallet.



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The development team Epic has found ways to lessen the success of a competitive PUBG, announcing that their Fortnite have played over 20 million players.

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