Cutthroat Closed Beta Key Giveaway

Cutthroat Closed Beta Key Giveaway

To celebrate the Halloween season, Cutthroat has provided the Alienware Arena community with this closed beta key giveaway! Anyone who plays the beta during the event gets a special spooky skin pack for free at launch. Additionally, you can compete with other players in their new ranking system. The top 10 players will get a free copy of the game at launch. Happy stabbing!
About Cutthroat:
Cutthroat is a party game that brings stealth gameplay to the local multiplayer screen. Players must stay hidden in a crowd of identical NPCs while finding and taking out the other players. The game has four classes, each with unique abilities that help you blend in with the crowd and eliminate the other players. To win you must use strategy and deception instead of relying on quick reflexes. 
  • FREE FOR ALL – Two to four players fight to the end!
  • TEAM DEATHMATCH – Two players on two teams must coordinate and assassinate. 
  • ONLINE MULTIPLAYER – Take the fight online and climb the rankings!


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Looks cool, Thanks Alienwarearena! 






Thank you




Thanks Alienware Arena!!









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