PAX West Instant Win Sweeptakes Winners Announced

PAX West Instant Win Sweeptakes Winners Announced

The following winners received a scratch off card at our PAX West Instant Win Sweepstakes and had a winning code!

Grand Prize:  Matthew C. from California wins a Dell Inspiron 15 laptop!

2nd Place: Andrew K. from Oregon wins an Alienware Vindicator Backpack.

3rd Place:  Matthew W. from Utah wins an Alienware Elite Gaming Mouse.

4th Place:  Matthew B. from Washington wins an Alienware Hat.

Enjoy your PAX West Instant Win Sweepstakes prizes from Dell Gaming & Alienware!

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Congrats everyone!


So many Matthews won.  Gratz


Congrats winners :D  Lucky me next time.


nameuser said:

So many Matthews won.  Gratz

LOL, you are right. Congratulations to everyone!!

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Grats to all the winners, way to go.


So cool!


Congrats winners and everyone!!!:)


so lucky men


Congratulations for the winners :)


Congratz to the Winners!! 

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Who had the winning codes?

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