PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds weekly update finally fixes stuttering cargo plane

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds weekly update finally fixes stuttering cargo plane

The latest weekly patch for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is live now on the game's test servers, and is due to launch in full tomorrow, July 13. 

Focusing on bugs and UI tweaks for the most part, the Week 16 patch has finally fixed the irritating stutter suffered by the pre-fight care package plane. Players can also no longer shoot underwater from submerged vehicles, and are no longer required to press 'F' when opening doors that've been wrecked by red zone and/or player-fired grenade explosions.

A number of other adjustments have been applied—such as now being able to "always spectate your teammate's screen in colour".

Here's the list in its entirety: 

Client performance

---Optimized Care Package airplane.
---Improved UI performance.
Bug fixes

---Fixed an issue where the starting airplane became immobile in sky at the very start of a round.
---Fixed inventory display issue on 4:3 resolution.
---You can always spectate your teammate's screen in colour now.
---You can no longer fire weapons in a vehicle from underwater.
---Fixed an issue when you could not pick up mags from some areas of the lobby (starting island).
---You no longer have to press the F key to pass through doors destroyed by grenades or Red Zone bombs.
---Fixed an issue whereby if you got knocked out while zooming in with a scope, you won't be zooming in when revived.
---Fixed an issue when grenades were not available to throw periodically.
---Fixed an issue of armed weapon not getting displayed on HUD UI, when switching weapons with number keys while having inventory open.
PUBG's Week 16 Update is live as of tomorrow, July 13.

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Finally, it was so boring to look at grey screen.




I greatly appreciate their steady stream of patches and content updates


Oh snap. 4:3 fix is what i was waiting for.


---You can no longer fire weapons in a vehicle from underwater.



fine thing







thanks for news!!!

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Players can also no longer shoot from underwater vehicles.

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