Rebellion announced Evil Genius 2

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Studio Rebellion, known for the series Sniper Elite, announced Evil Genius 2 - sequel RTS, developed by Elixir Games and released by Sierra in 2004. This will be the first real-time strategy on the Asura Engine.

According to the studio, she was so much involved with the development, because she wanted to consolidate in the market and have the necessary resources. She did not want to ask money from the players through crowdfunding, so Evil Genius returns only now.

Rebellion is concentrated on the PC version of the game, but it is possible that the release will take place for other platforms.

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Like the 1st one. Will follow development, since I find the villain simulator idea fascinating.

Pica das Galáxias

You have no idea how happy this makes me. Evil Genius is one of my favourite games!


I enjoyed the original Evil Genius.  Hopefully if this does well we might see a Dungeon Keeper 3 (and EA puts together a good dev team for it).


They tried a "Facebook-ish" F2P version of the game without success (thank you micro-payments)... Let's hope they'll do a better job this time.
Evil Genius was incredibly underrated!