Congratulations to our May ARP NA Sweepstakes Winners!

Congratulations to our May ARP NA Sweepstakes Winners!

Congratulations May ARP NA Sweepstakes Winners!

Each winner will receive a Revelation Deluxe Collector Pack:

  • All V.
  • Colin H.
  • Mark H.
  • Nick M.
  • M. B.

To enter in this month's ARP Sweepstakes, please visit

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Congratulations! Better luck next time to everyone else!


Nice! Thanks for the sweepstakes Alienware.


Grats you guys!


Grats you guys!


Nice one!


Congrats<3 even tho i wanna cry

My drill is the drill that will pierce the heavens<3


They are so lucky, congrats to them, cheers ^3^


congratulation for the winners


Good news!



Congratulations! :D

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Congratulations to our May ARP NA Sweepstakes Winners!

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