Your favorite genre

Your favorite genre

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So let's see which gaming genres this community prefers.

For me it's open-world RPGs, I love to be able to explore a huge map and to delevop my character in it.

What about you?

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FPS with rpg elements, stealth elements and well-developed stories #AllInOne  I would consider Bioshock, Fallout, Dishonored, and Wolfenstein examples of this (with some elements being heavier than others) but for me, no game has put it better together better than the Metro series. I can't wait for Metro Exodus to come out. That might be the first game I pay 60 dollars for since GTAIII


FPS all the way dive in run and gun pick up and play after a long day at work


My favorite genre would have to be RTS, but a well made survival with base-building will take the cake for me.

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All about the RPGs. Turn based mostly, but, they're all good in my book!


Rougelite at the mo


RPG of course.

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RPG, Action, Strategy

I'm Shel


I'd say RPGs. Mostly CRPG, but I play every kind and there are some really good JRPG and MMORPG.


management simulation i guess...but rpg also love to play such as diablo 3 :D...


I love MMORPG and strategy games ! Can't decide which one I like most !