AlienFX Demo on Coffin Dodgers Game

AlienFX Demo on Coffin Dodgers Game

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Is a nice game xD
GNU/Linux is my love system :) and good setup to play many games...


pretty cool
Welcome to my nightmare, please step inside, buckle up for the scary ride!

M Paradigm

this is a nice feature

Diamond Devil

Cool feature, it would be awesome if you could use a ps4 controller and have the lights on the controller work in tandem with the console. It would also be great if PC games could mimick the in game sounds that come from that controllers inbuilt speaker as well.

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We have integrated the amazing AlienFX into our latest game Coffin Dodgers - we think it really enhances the gameplay. Here is a demo showing what to expect from this feature as showcased on the Alpha console. Coffin Dodgers is available now on Steam Early Access. Useful Links: Alienware site: Coffin Dodgers Steam Store: Coffin Dodgers game page:
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