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Update your GTX 1080 VBIOS on Alienware 17!

The Sheriff
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Update your GTX 1080 VBIOS on Alienware 17 and increase your performance today!

Serious gamers know any incremental performance increase counts. This is why Alienware now allows you to update your VBIOS for your GTX 1080 (on Alienware 17) today and get an immediate performance increase.

The new VBIOS by NVIDIA will allow your Alienware 17 equipped with the GTX 1080 card to perform with higher clock speeds (see table below).


Previous VBIOS


% Increase

Base Clock Speed




Boost Clock Speed





You can also see an increase of up to 9% in 3DMark for Windows Fire Strike Ultra 4K or 11% in 3DMark for Windows Time Spy DX12 when using an overclocking tool*.

Download GTX 1080 VBIOS

Installation Instructions:


* Achieved with Alienware 17 equipped with Intel Core i7 7820HK, 32GB of RAM, and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080. Using 3° party tools to overclock your GPU is not officially supported by Alienware.



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Is this just a base clock increase or has the TDP limit also been increased ?

Will a new bios for the 1070 been released ?



upgraded my heart to a EVGA PSU
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dickcheney said:

Is this just a base clock increase or has the TDP limit also been increased ?

Will a new bios for the 1070 been released ?



Umar will confirm, i am quite sure he said it is a boost to the TDP limit.

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after installing vbios computer freezes during games, and the temperature is above 90 degrees.
(I replaced the thermal paste on liquid metal and the temperature was not higher than 60-70 degrees with old VBIOS...)
This VBIOS killing my R4...
Help pls...

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Just putting this out there..

regarding this vbios...

I have a skylake 17r4 with a 1080 and gsync 120hz panel, I was having only slight problems with my alienfx which necessitated me installing the new bios 1.0.12 but the tech recommended me install this as well as some other updates afterward... I dislike flashing for no reason so I did some reaserch and found this thread, I figured with people recommending it was probably fine... nope, non stop problems since, freezing, crashing, low frame rates. I've since talked to alienware support and they told me that this is a known issue with this vbios where it causes a bottleneck issue and there is apparently no way for me to reflash back to the old one. now I have to replace my motherboard.