8Bit Salute for the Troops League of Legends Tournament Keys

8Bit Salute for the Troops League of Legends Tournament Keys

8Bit Salute for the Troops League of Legends Tournament Keys

Victorious Gaming is running a League of Legends tournament in support of Operation Supply Drop, a charity that provides troops with gaming themed care packages. Use this tournament key to enter their League of Legends tournament and help support their cause!

Learn more about the tournament:

  • Free entry codes into the 8 Bit Salute For the Troops Benefit Tournament
  • Donations along with using the codes (over $5) will allow eligibility for more prizing (to be announced closer to the date)
  • Using the code only allows for basic RP prizing and Triumphant Ryze Skin
  • Prizing: 1st Place: 1600 RP, 2nd Place: 1200 RP, 3rd Place: 800 RP, 4th Place: 400 RP
    • Triumphant Ryze Skin for first place team
    • 1st-8th place all receive 4 win IP boosts

What does Operation Supply Drop do?
The legend of the Supply Drop or Care Package has certainly grown as we’ve grown over the years. This program was very much a program developed around sending a crate of video game themed goodies over to deployed service members. Over the years, we have redefined what a Supply Drop is and where we send them.

Original graphics created by Dreamer’s Design.


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Thank you!


It doesnt work, the site i mean. Where should i go to put in my code??


Very nice to do this for the troops. Good on ya Xfire!!




Is this a 5v5 tournie should I have my team?




I want one


so if we get this key do we get anything exepct entering the tournament and getting the rp and skin?



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