Homo Ursae Masculinii

Is anyone else having issues with the avatar Viking set?
My little Viking pigtails are way too tight ... Is there a remedy out there? 🖖 Na-nu Na-nu!
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03.07.2024 14:11:08 - Not Ripley -
They need to fix the scaling on that.
03.07.2024 18:17:49 - MysteriousMrX -
Strangest goatee I've ever seen … almost alien.
03.07.2024 18:46:11 - Fruit Punch Samurai -
When they decided to keep the same size for the avatar head, it seems they forgot that the Item category has some objects placed on the head.
03.08.2024 09:45:55 - Vigi1 -
I also have nice sun glasses for my alien which now goes to my mouth. Ther's A LOT of those bugged items still in the market.
03.12.2024 16:10:10 - Sparkyastic -
Same here, already commented on it a month ago and they said they'd add it to the list (they have a ""list" now that's scary ;) )