VR Games Without AGA?

VR Games Without AGA?

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Curious what games people have been playing with the Vive/Rift who do not have an AGA for their Alienware...so far I've beaten the first two chapters of Vanishing Realms, great game. Run into bugs with a few other titles, no luck with the desktop mode either. (Vive with Alienware 17 R2)

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I have been running a Vive on a x51 R3 with a i7, 16gb ram, and a GTX 960.  The performance for most games are great, however in some games (like steam's "the lab"), there is occasional flicker in the vive headset.  I think this is cause by loading perhaps.  Flicker last for 5 or 10 seconds, and typically only happens when you first start a game.  There is one application that was not usable, this was the "virtual desktop" app which allows you to see and access your desktop in a 3d environment.  By default, this application as has anti-aliasing set to x8 which caused very severe jitters.  Once I cut this down to x4, it was smooth as could be.

I am looking into purchasing a AGA as game will surely get more demanding as development efforts progress.