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Anyone been successful using steam stream instead of a graphics amplifier?

I tried it on a POS mac streaming from my Alienware M11XR3 (which is starting to become a POS)

I was able to play Dota 2 on the mac with ease.  My issue was this was all using a wireless setup to stream.  I tried doing a direct Cat5/ethernet connection and tested that the computers can "talk" to each other, but when I played the game the WIFI took over for the stream.  Also windows 10 seems to be a pain in the rear and keeps defaulting to WIFI no matter what I do to set priority. 

The issue is that steam needs an internet connection as well, so the only way to get the ethernet to work is to turn WIFI off and direct connect to router (but now I have 25 feet long cat5 everywhere).

So next I decided to go with media bridge and turn off all the wifi, 

This whole steam stream setup is a pain in the rear.

anyone have other advice

Essentially i want to play on my small M11X (which dell discontinued which I very much hate) but have the power of a better computer and just direct ethernet connection to it with steam stream... without the media bridge.

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