League of Legends Muay Thai Lee Sin Giveaway with Groups

League of Legends Muay Thai Lee Sin Giveaway with Groups

League of Legends Muay Thai Lee Sin Giveaway with Groups

Alienware Arena is partnering with Team Dignitas, Logitech, Team Curse, Leaguepedia, and The Zone Video Series to give away League of Legends keys for the Muay Thai Lee Sin skin. Starting on September 30th, we'll be adding a limited set of keys for Europe or North American server each week for each of our partners. 

You can be the first to know when keys are added by joining our partner's groups. When keys are added for that partner, all members in their Alienware Arena group will receive an email notification that new keys have been added.


Also, make sure you join our sweepstakes to win an Arclight Varus skin. 100 winners will be selected every week for five weeks for a total of 500 winners!

Join the 100 Chances to Win Sweepstakes for Arclight Varus Skins!


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Soo what is the exact time when the keys show up?


when does the skins come?


когда ключи дадут?


Wie ktoś kiedy będą kody?




I had 10 Messages and all players just lied ty for trades like that. Why people are so rude :/




If anyone have a EUW muay thay they used , plesae pm me if you dont need it on east


If u used your code in EUNE can u please send me the same code in private? IT WILL WORK FOR EUW TOO!


you dont need a skin to be good. this is just a plus, begging is on the street :|

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How To Get Your Giveaway

  • 1. Join our partners' groups: Team Dignitas Curse Logitech Leaguepedia The Zone
  • 2. Get the email notification when keys are added and visit this page.
  • 3. Once the keys have been added, you'll be able to join the queue to claim a key. The system will assign keys based on the order members entered the queue until all keys are assigned. Please note that if we run out of keys, you may not be assigned a key even if you are in the queue.

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