Venturer Ship Guide

Venturer Ship Guide

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My favorite starting ship




This guy is fantastic if you're looking to solo a lane or push gamma and need to stick around under fire. Nothing more annoying than a Venturer healing itself and rotating just as you start to break through its armour.
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Dont agree on that. Since youre playing from the start against high lvl oponnents (got lvl 36 against me on lvl 3) you can annoy snipers....but not close range specialized ships. Theyll tear you to shreads no matter what you do with basic venturer. Its not bad ships against other basics tho.


gl and hf


grinded with this guy to get my gladiator in the early access :D


Plays pretty well for a ship of its size



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Zarek Industrial may have originally created the Venturer as a mining vessel but the combat variant is a hard hitting opponent.
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