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The Parity Patch

Finally, the update you have been waiting for. With this post we have included both our estimated roadmap for the remainder of the year, as well as the FAQ for the Parity Patch that should be dropping in late June. We understand the frustration of being a fan of a game and not receiving timely updates as to the status of fixes, patches, and enhancements. It is something we here at Hardsuit Labs will get better at as we grow our community and our studio; and we thank you for your patience.

Lastly, I want to point out that moving forward with Blacklight, nothing is 100% complete and we will continue to tweak, fix, update, enhance, and patch based on internal feedback as well as from the community. We understand we may not meet everyone’s expectations and may very well upset a few of you. Realize that is not the intent, the Parity Patch is a large update for both us and the community on both platforms, and we hope you enjoy it and stick with us as we move past it and on to more great things with Blacklight.

Hardsuit Labs                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         


Parity Patch FAQ [last update 12-July] GENERAL

Why Parity?
Right now we have multiple versions of Blacklight running around the world, each with its own source code which from a developer stand point can be a pain to manage and update. By bringing all the versions together into a single source code will allow us to more easily update and operate Blacklight. Easier management of the code translates to a quicker turnaround on updates, and this is ideal for both us and you the player. Knowing that consolidating Blacklight to a single source code would be a huge amount of work it was still a priority for us, one we believe strongly will make for a better future for the community.

When will the Update be released? [updated 12-July]
We have pushed the date out to July 22nd as the day for starting, and for good reasons. Our playtesters have found a number of issues that we need to squash, both in game and with the patcher. In order to assist with getting the issues resolved, we are pushing the patch date out another week and adding additional playtesters to the pool.

Who can I contact to get more answers to questions?
Feel free to follow and tweet at us on Twitter: @HardsuitLabs, like us and comment on or drop us an email at

How long will the upgrade take?
The actual upgrade process, after it goes through our battery of tests will most likely take multiple days’ worth of downtime. This includes the database migration, player inventory conversions, server updates, and client patching and release. The actual client install will be released at some point during this period.

Will I need to re-install the game?
The differences between the current version and the new version are so vast that players will also be required to uninstall their current client, then install the new one. The new installers will be made available as soon as the upgrade process begins, which should allow ample time for players to get the latest version of the game while the servers are still down for maintenance.  For Steam Users, simply delete local content and then re-download.  For Arc users, uninstall and then re-download/install.

How big is the new install client?
It is estimated to be about a 4 GB download. On install the game will grow to be about 8 gigs. This should be much less than your current PC version of Blacklight

If the new build is half the size as the old build, does that mean content has been cut?
Some content has been cut, like the map Offshore. However, pretty much all content is there. The size differential is mostly due to a better installer/patcher and compression, as well as new and more efficient organization of the content.

Will the new update be deployed to Steam?
Yes, we will be sure the update is pushed to Steam, such that steam can update your game, and not require you to do another update after launching.

Will there be a new launcher/patcher for the new PC update?
Yes. It will be new!

Will an Arc account be required to play on PC?
Yes, you will need to have a valid Arc account to log in. All existing players should already have one.

Will the game require an Arc Client? [updated 11-May]
Presently the Arc Client is required for stand alone and Steam versions. We are looking to remove this requirement, if not in the main parity update, than soon after it. However, as per the question above an Arc user account will always be required.

Will Blacklight get a new community manager?
Hardsuit Labs will be spearheading relations with the community on both PC and PS4.  We currently do this on PS4 and the goal is to create a single Blacklight community that is both a single stopping point for all things Blacklight that will be easier to manage.

Does that include Reddit?
Reddit will probably continue to exist independently, as will the PSN forums.  That said, we have some HSL Redditors and we have lots of HSL PSN members.


If I bought an item with Zen (PC) and the item doesn’t exist in the new version of the game, do I get refunded?
In general no.  However, in some very specific cases we are planning to provide Zen refunds. When we have a list of all the items that will be eligible for Zen refunds, we will post it.  Additionally, it should be noted that any actual Zen refunds would take place AFTER the update and upgrade and only once all systems are back online.

What about posting a list of items that will be refunded? [updated 14-July]
We have added the list to the bottom of this FAQ.

Will any compensation refunds be automatically applied to the accounts or do we have to activate some kind of temporary code or in-game message?
Any compensation should be automatically applied to affected accounts. In the case of XP and GP it will be applied at the time of the update. Any changes to Zen balances will occur slightly after the update, they have to be processed through both the game and PW systems.

Will there be an inventory in the new version of the game?
There will not be an inventory after the update. Instead, it will feel more like an unlock system where you either have the item or you don’t. You can no longer have 6 instances of the SMG receiver.

Without an inventory how will my 6 SMGs get transferred to the updated account?
If you have 6 SMGs all, for example, as 3 day rentals, they will be smashed together to become 1 18 day (6 * 3) rental.  If you have 6 permanent version, they will be smashed together into a single permanent version. We are also adding a few days to all rentals to make up for any down time.

What will happen with my mail items during the PC update? Will the new version support mail?
The new version of the game will NOT have a mail system. This means that all your mails will go away. Therefore what you should do is go into your mail and get all the items out of mail box and put them in your inventory. This will ensure that the update process we have will properly pick up all your items and move them to the upgraded account.

What if I have a maximum inventory and can’t take items from my mail?
In this case, we recommend prioritizing your items such that your most valuable items are in your inventory and anything you are willing to lose is either trashed or left in mail. Please note that there is a trash item feature; Data-Nodes are a great option for this as Datanodes are all going to be trashed at the time of the update. So you might as well get rid of them now.

Without a mail system, how will I be able to message players who are offline?
We are implementing a notification system that will allow you to send messages to players who are offline, as well as those online.

Without an inventory, how will I accept mail attachments?
As mentioned above, there will be no mail system.

With no mail system, what will happen with my Merchant Pass that I bought that allows me to send items to friends without paying postage?
The merchant pass will go away.

Will there be compensation for the removal of the Merchant Pass?
There are currently no plans to do so at  this time.

Starting 13-May the Merchant Pass will be 1,000GP (PC).  [updated 31-May]
As stated, it’s “almost” free from 13-May up until the update roles out. Enjoy!

Datanodes don’t exist in the PS4 version, so what will happen with Datanodes that users have?
They will go away and not be available to you when you login with the new update.  We recommend using them now, while you can.

I have a bunch of inactive items, what will happen with those after the update?
All inactive items will be activated as part of the upgrade. Then, as mentioned elsewhere in this FAQ, if you have 16 3 day rentals of item X that are all inactive, you will get one 48 day rental of item X that is active from the second the update is completed and the servers come back online. In addition to that, we are going to tack on another 7 days of rental time to any rental in order to compensate for server down time during the upgrade process.

What will happen to my XP and GP tokens? [updated 3-June]
At the time of the update, the XP and GP tokens will be redeemed and the balance will be applied to your account. XP tokens will be added to your account up to the max level cap.

I have rare items that I earned in things like the PC Beta, will those still exist in the new version?

What will happen with my unopened bundles and lotto boxes (chance packs)?
Many Lotto Boxes (the item formerly known as Chance Packs) and Bundles are on the list of items eligible for Zen refunds. However, we recommend users open as many of these as possible so that their contents can be upgraded.

Magnum, Shock and Explosive Ammo has not been released on the PS4 version yet, but is on PC.  For those of us who have those types of ammo, what will happen to them after the update?
Magnum, Shock and Explosive ammo types should be released on PS4 along with the PC Update. Players who have the old magazine style ammos will receive the new ammo-type items that match those in their original inventory. In the case of unreleased ammo these will be turned on at the time of their release.

Do you have any plans on introducing a trade system and re-implementing an inventory system?
Not at this time.

The current PC version allows players to buy a single attachment for a gun and apply it to all guns that can use it.  Will this continue to be the case after the update?
No. The attachment system is going to become the same as the PS4 version in that each attachment, when purchased, is related to a specific receiver.  If you want that same attachment on another receiver you will need to purchase it again.

What if I have a perm attachment and a gun that I only own as a rental?  
In this case you will get a perm attachment for the gun in question, and when your gun rental goes away your attachment will stick around, though you will  not have any way to use it.  If you purchase the gun in question again, then you will again be able to use the perm attachment.

Given that, moving forward, I will need to buy an attachment for each new weapon I get, will the pricing model for attachments going to be updated/adjusted?
Yes.  Attachment prices are going to come down across the board.

Wait! Does receiver-unique attachments mean I have to re-buy all my attachments for other receivers after the update?
No. During the data migration all attachments you currently own will be awarded to each receiver you own that the attachment is compatible with. Some attachments don’t work on some receivers but where they do you will be awarded one.

Will there be other pricing adjustments?
Yes.  We expect to revisit all pricing on the PC and bring it more in line with the pricing scheme currently in the PS4.

Heroes don’t exist in the same fashion on the PS4 version as they do on the current PC version.  What should we expect for heroes after the update, and how will our inventories be updated? [updated 11-May]
Heroes on the latest version are just skins. This means they don’t come with depot weapons, or primary and secondary, or special gear items.  Instead they are a skin that can be used, like a camo, with your existing armor and load outs. When the upgrade completes, anyone who has a hero will get the corresponding skin, as well as depot item, primary and secondary receivers and attachments from the pre-made, gear, emotes, and tactical item.

On PC, all items have GP Perm prices, and you don’t need Blacklight Prime to buy items permanently for GP.  Will this change to be like the PS4?
Yes. We are going to introduce Blacklight Prime to the PC game as well. However, all existing users will be grandfathered in and given a Blacklight Prime from the outset.

Premades don’t exist on the PS4 version.  Are they going to exist after the update?
No.  Instead, for each premade that you have you are going to get that receiver and associated attachment at the duration that you have the premade.

What about all the promotion premades that were designed and named by users?
We don’t have any real way to preserve these because premades are going away.  You will receive the items, as per the question above and we are investigating a ways to account for the “special offer” that these premades were/are.

I have some +10% XP and +5% team CP boosters. Are these boosters being removed, or are the ones I have going to be combined into one, longer duration boost of each respective type? [added 9-June]
We will be combining alike boosters in to a single booster, taking the best attributes, and converting any “team based” booster to “player only” boosters. Example: you have two XP boosters, one +5% 2 day and one +10% 1 day. Upon update you will get one +10% 3 day booster. Also note that the clock starts ticking instantly upon the patch update being complete. You will need to play immediately after the update to take full advantage of any boosters.


Siege does not exist on the PS4 version.  Will we have it after the update?
Siege is a fun game mode that we would like to better support.  In the latest version of the game it has not been thoroughly tested, as it is not on PS4.  Additionally, Siege is a game mode that does not work in a peer to peer environment that has host migration.  Thus, for the sake of parity, for now we are not going to offer any Siege game mode until we have time to either redo it or make it work across all platforms.

NetWar does not exist on the PS4 version.  Will we have the NetWar game mode after the update?
NetWar is a game mode we are anxious to release on PS4, however the current implementation of it means it only works on one map, Offshore.  It is our plan and intention to revisit NetWar and make it better and more fun and provide more maps for it to work with.  Until that happens, however, we plan to not have NetWar available in game.

The maps Evac, Offshore and Vortex are not presently in the PS4 version.  Will these also be removed after the update?
Offshore – Yes.  This map has been killed in favor of a new map, Rig.  We felt Offshore was WAY too big and was not conducive to a good player experience.
Evac – Evac will be released on PS4 alongside the PC update, so that map will exist on all platforms.
Vortex – Vortex will be released on PS4 alongside the PC update, so that map will exist on all platforms.

The PC version of the game has two maps that originally came from Blacklight Tango Down: Slumlord and Dropzone.  These do not exist on the PS4.  What will happen with these?
Slumlord and Dropzone are two maps that, in our opinion here at HSL, need more work.  They are old and they look it and they are not at the level of quality that we would like to have in our game.  Therefore, we are going to remove them from the game, until such a time when they can be improved to be consistent with the rest of the game.

Are Server Mutators going to exist on the updated version?
Yes.  We are going to be adding that to the PS4 with the update patch as well, and private servers will also now feature server mutators.

Are Premium Servers going to exist in the updated version?
Not with this update. We intend to bring back player rentable servers in the near future. In the mean time we have migrated many of the premium server features to the private server setup options.

Is there going to be an update to the Anti-Hack solution on PC? 
The current Anti-Hack/Cheat solution deployed on the PC for PWE is one that, up until this point, has not been fully leveraged. Moving forward our intention is to ensure that this software is being leveraged fully.

The Russian PC version of the game does not have a Server Browser or Friends support.  Can we expect those to be in the updated PC version?
Yes!  Server Browser (although it will look different) and friends support will definitely be present in the updated PC version.

Will the PC version be peer to peer like the PS4 version?
No.  The PC version will continue to be driven by dedicated servers.

Will the PS4 version introduce dedicated servers like the PC has?
Not with this update. This is something we are evaluating and looking into the costs-benefits of but no final decision has been made yet.

The PS4 version has no concept of US vs EU.  Will the PC version retain this separation of regions or will they be unified? [updated 20-July]
Our plan is to merge the EU PC and US PC versions together at some point after the Parity Patch. We have no ETA just yet for this, and we will post more information about this as we get closer to merging the regions.

Will you merge the PC user base across all publishers?  IAH and PWE?
No.  It will remain separated between IAH and PWE.

Will there be cross platform play between PC and PS4?

Will AU Dedicated Servers return to PC?
Not at this time. Once we have completed the parity update we intend to conduct a costs-benefits analysis and see if the game can support such an expenditure. Until we have more information on this we can’t say one way or the other what will happen here.



What are some of the biggest changes, game play wise, between the old version and the new version?
Weapon Balance: Weapon balance has been completely reworked in the latest version.  From recoil, and spread, to damage and fire rates. Player Movement: We have revisited a bunch of player movement including Stamina.

Will control bindings and mapping be preserved in the update? 
No.  You will need to remap everything.

Will my loadout setup and configurations be saved?
No.  You will need to reconfigure and rebuild your loadouts.

Will my settings and preferences be converted?
No.  You will need to reset all your preferences, including video, audio, and game settings.

Have old accounts on the PC been wiped?  I played from a long time ago and I want to know if my data will get updated.
No, there have been no wipes, and if the account exists, then it should exist in the new version as well.

Will whisper, clan, party and global chat exist in the new version of the game?
The only chat that will exist in the updated version is Team Chat and Lobby Chat.

The current version of the game has a “Report Player” button. Will that exist in the new version?
No. Not at this time.  If we bring that back we need to make sure the reports are ending up on someone’s desk and that they have the ability and capability to deal with them.

Will titles be retained after the update?

The PC has missions, but the PS4 does not.  Will Missions go away?
No. We are updating the mission system now and with this update missions will make their way to PS4.

Will the Hud-Tweaker made by PC community members will still work on the PC after the update?
Unsure about this.  If it works in the current Russian PC version, it may still work in the updated version.  That said, we are actively working on re-factoring our HUD so even if it works now, it may not work in the future.

What is going on with the IAH version of Blacklight?
We are working on updating them as well, though they will run in their own environment.

The PS4 version does not have Gore effects (exploding heads).  Does this mean the PC version will lose exploding heads also?
The gore option will still be there on the PC.

The older version of Blacklight has less levels than the latest version on the PS4. How will my level transfer over?
We will transfer your XP over.  And the XP will correspond to a new level in the new system and that will be your new level.

Will there be any performance optimizations and improvements introduced with this new patch?
Yes!  simple-smile.png

Will FOV modification still be supported in the updated version? [updated 26-May]
On both PC and PS4 FOV ranges will be increased, the Y-axis will be consistent across different monitor aspect ratios (i.e., 4:3, 16:9, etc), and the FOV slider will provide additional information. Zooming mechanics will no longer be based on absolute FOV. Directly editing FOV via any ini file for PC version will be unsupported.

What about social media integration? [added 3-June]
Twitter integration will be removed from the PC version for now. Twitch in Onslaught is a platform specific feature on PS4 and will not be brought to PC at this time.

Are you going to be updating this FAQ? [last update 3-June]
Most definitely.

Items that will be refunded

Tactical SMG Chance Pack
Ghost GP Chance Pack
Crusher GP Chance Pack
Hero Chance Pack – M.A.R.S.
Chance Pack – Hero Viper & Basic Skin
Chance Pack – Hero Viper & Premium Skin
Chance Pack – Hero Deacon & Premium Skin
Chance Pack – Hero Grendel & Premium Skin
Chance Pack – Hero MARS & Basic Skin
Chance Pack – Hero MARS & Premium Skin
Chance Pack – Hero Lilith & Premium Skin
Chance Pack – Hero Ghost & Premium Skin
High Explosives Pack
Medic Pack
Stealth Pack
Engineer Pack
Armor Pack
Survival Pack
Sniper Pack
Starter Pack
Evacuation Pack
Emblems Corporate Logos 1
Emblems Corporate Logos 2
Emblems Secondary Weapon Pack
Emblems Combat Letterset
Emblems Urban Letterset
Sniper Kit
Assault Kit
Taunt GP Chance Pack
Hardsuit Camo GP Chance Pack
Glacial Grendel GP Chance Pack
Bundle – Onslaught Bronze Pack
Bundle – Onslaught Silver Pack
Bundle – Onslaught Gold Pack
Bundle – Lover’s Bundle
Grenade Pack
Protection Emblem Pack
Scrim Pack 2
Platinum Pack



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