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Error code 43 on AMD graphics

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Hi ! I desperately need your help !

I've got an issue with my laptop Alienware M17xR3 A09, Intel Core i7 2670QM 2.20 GHz, RAM 8Go, OS Windows 7 SP1 64bits. 

Since I've reinstalled my OS, I've got persistant issue with my graphic card. It's an AMD Radeon HD 6900M which make an error code 43 ("Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems") again and again in the Device Manager.

After a lot of OS reinstallations, the best I can have is my AMD card is visible in my device manager but I still have the yellow triangle with the exclamation mark inside and this damn error code 43 in description. 

Before I post here, I tried a lot of things : 

- I've updated all the drivers, with the Alienware resources CD, Dell's website and the french website "" for the missing drivers. I don't have any other issue in the Device Manager.

- I've installed the last driver version for the graphic card (june 2015). By the way, the initial driver in the Alienware resources CD (2011) and the driver on the Dell's website (2013) crash totally windows when I reboot the laptop. I can't reboot in normal mode (only in safe mode). I have no other (vanilla ^^) option than reinstall my OS. (that explains the lot of recent OS reinstallations !)

- I've done reboots... a lot ! 

- I've updated Windows

- I've checked (and corrected) the register errors with CCleaner

- I've uninstalled/reinstalled the graphic card 

- I've uninstalled/reinstalled the AMD Catalyst Control Center, and all its drivers and softwares. 

- I've done a total scan with "". It tells me that the AMD driver is updated but doesn't run correctly. All the other drivers are ok. 

- I've tried the quick test, for video card, for common hardware problems on Dell's website. On the french website version, the test can't end because, for it, the graphic card doesn't exist. On the US website version, the test runs and ends ok, no error is detected. 

- I've done the scan of my PC with Catalyst Control Center. It detects and identifies well my AMD graphics. 

- I've spent two days on forums (official or not) but I can't find a concluding solution. I've installed/tried differents diagnostics tools, installs, uninstalls... Nothing is working :'(

I don't know what to do to make Windows stop blocking my graphics. I'm not a computer expert and I tried nothing in the BIOS, because I was too scared to do something irreversible. If you have new ideas, a bit of patience to take the time to answer me, I take it ! 

With all my thanks and my eternal gratitude for your help :)

Fiona - Carp Effect

PS : Sorry for my English, it's not my mother tongue ! Hope you can understand me anyway ;)


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 You may either have a bad installation or a corrupt video system file. If so, you only need to do a full clean up uninstall on my AMD graphics card.

Here are steps for future references:

1. Uninstall AMD drivers from Uninstall Wizard (not from Device Manger)
2. Download Driver Fusion, and select Delete on AMD.
3. Restart the PC. Go to Acer official website, and download the newest VGA driver.

Thanks Chronscody for your answer.

I my last try, I've updated the other graphic card (Intel 3000, which is correctly runs) and reinstalled my AMD graphic card. That was a mistake, the error is still there and beyond that, the 2 cards seems in conflict : when they are both installed, I can't reach the desktop if I reboot. I can only see the windows screen but immediately replaced by a black screen with a little white blinking underscore, in the high left corner. So, in my current installation, I just installed the Intel graphics (no issue on this side !) and I didn't reinstalled the AMD graphics. In the device manager, it's "Standard VGA Graphics". 

I followed your answer step by step.

1) Step 1 : Uninstall Wizard doesn't find any trace of AMD softwares/drivers/settings. 

2) Step 2 : Driver Fusion doesn't find the AMD graphics, only the Intel graphics.

So the AMD uninstall seems to be complete. 

3) Step 3 : Excuse my silly question but... why Acer ? 

Thanks again for your time Chronscody.

Fiona - Carp Effect

I have the exact same problem. And similarly to the original poster, I have not been able to find a solution anywhere. Any help would be appreciated.

Try DDU uninstaller. Run the software in Windows safe mode. Use drivers you know work in your pc. Download from

If I've understood you correctly, you've already tried completely re-installing Windows?  If that's the case then this likely isn't a software issue.

The sad reality here might be that you're suffering a hardware failure.  Download & run one of the pre-configured (not PhysX) tests from MSI Kombustor.  With your graphics driver installed from the Alienware or AMD site: if the test fails or the program crashes within a few minutes then it's a good bet you've got a failing GPU.  You can try rolling back to older drivers if you want but if you get the same results it's very likely your GPU is suffering a failure.  If you don't experience a failure then you can increase the test settings to put more stress on the GPU (increase resolution, AA, AF and Tessellation).  With increased stress if the GPU fails then it most likely means part of the GPU is suffering a failure.  If that is the case then you can put reduced strain on the GPU by reducing game settings, but ultimately the GPU will need to be replaced.  To make sure your graphics testing is done properly make sure the test is reporting a high graphics memory load, and that your graphics card is being stressed to at least 80-degrees Celsius.

Should your GPU fail repeatedly: the fortunate part of your model is that you have what's called an "MXM" style of mobile graphics card.  So you can get another one and slide it in.  I looked up the manual from Alienware's site and the process is only slightly more difficult than replacing a RAM module.

Lastly, this testing process should - if you need to do multiple tests and the GPU doesn't fail immediately on each test - take a couple hours.  Let us know what happens!  I've subscribed to this thread so I can keep an eye on it.