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【AWA Vault - October Prediction thread】

Straight Outta Area51
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Greetings Aliens!

So now that the September Vault is all sold out and everyone got their copy of Baldur's Gate 3 i wanted to start a prediction thread. This is ment as a 'fun' little game and you win absolutely nothing if the game you predict will be in the Vault. 

What games do you think will be added to the October Vault?



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tier so nice I reached it twice

not knowing how previous years worked, gonna just guess there'll be something DBD-related cause spooktober, plus at least a couple spooky-themed games.

maybe Lies of P for tier 5?

_Burger_ said: 2h

The Quarry

There will be no Starfield, has been told multiple times


Would not be surprised to see cities skylines 2

Lords of the Fallen 2023 could be very likely. It was advertised on AW news before.

Besides it Ghostrunner 2, The Lamplighters League release during October. Metal Gear Solid Collection, but doubt Konami joins the Vault. 

Alan Wake 2 comes out Epic exclusive. Lastly smaller titles like Quasimorph and Agatha Christie - Murder on the Orient Express come out during October. Maybe Lies of P from already released titles or something coming up from early November would be included instead of Novembers Vault, but unlikely.

Straight Outta Area51

Wouldn't mind seeing MK1 in Octobers Vault and or Escape Simulator



I'm hoping for some spooky or horror games.  Alan Wake II would be a great get for October but it'd have to be on Epic Games Store.  Same for Dead Island 2.  Dying Light 2 is a bit older but could still be a good choice.  And Sons of the Forest never made it into the vault but that'd be a season appropriate choice.