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Games you want in the Vault next months

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Okay, as games this June haven't generated interest by most of this community, let's start this thread. Maybe they'll listen to us before drawing games that no one cares about.
1 - Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition
2 - Resident Evil Village
3 - Elden Ring
* All Steam.

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Briareos33 said: 2h

1000 Elden Ring keys sounds good to me.

Doubt they could get anywhere close to a 1000, more like a 100-150, but I sure would like to see it in the Game Vault.

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No Man's Sky 
The House of the Dead Remake
The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope 

I would really like they added indies and dlc of games, adding expensive games would mean less keys to everyone! 
 They can help indie developers and at the same time give multiple keys to users! =D

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I would like something with pixel art or some myst style puzzle game. Dont even remotely care about AAA stuff these days.

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Stuff I could see making it into the vault:

Sea of Thieves
No Man's Sky
Death Stranding Director's Cut
The Outer Worlds
Back 4 Blood
Risk of Rain 2
Have A Nice Death
Children of Morta

It'd be nice to see them try to get some of the games they feature in Steam Quests, especially if they've featured the game multiple times already and/or they intend to feature it in the future.  And, with seeing Cities Skylines in this month's vault, it makes sense that we might see they bring back games from previous AWA giveaways (like Children of Morta).

Honestly, though, this is only the third month, so it's tough to judge exactly the sort of games they're hoping to offer.  And they're clearly still trying to figure out how much ARP they should charge, given the prices crept up while, subjectively, the quality of the offerings declined.  Ideally, it'd be nice to see the high price tags and/or Tier requirements on the more premium titles, in an effort to make people save up their ARP and only buy games they really want as opposed to just grabbing keys every month simply because they can afford to do so, while making the smaller games and DLC more accessible to the majority of active users who put in a moderate effort to earning ARP.  Which is why it'd also be nice to see them offer more than three items in the future, so they could have high cost, high value premium titles, moderately priced but still highly desirable mid-tier games (B-tier or notable indies), and then some smaller games and DLC that's priced around 1000 ARP (which almost anyone who makes the smallest effort should be able to earn in a month).  And even though this month's selection is disappointing to me, I'm still excited for the vault and hopeful that they'll manage to find a good balance and figure things out over the next several months so it can live up to its potential.  I just hope all the negativity - the complaints about the games, the number of keys (or lack thereof), the prices, the time the vault opens - doesn't prompt them to abandon the vault.

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Sonic Origins(100~200 keys)

The Sims 4 (Origin key)

Assetto Corsa


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It's been repeated a few times in this thread, but No Man's Sky would be a great option for sure. Valheim too.