No Man's Sky Leviathan Update

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Hello Games has released a new update with living frigates and a new expedition.  The new expedition has "Roguelike Mechanic" to put a spin on their permadeath mode.  If the player dies during the expedition they will not loose their save file just the progress they have made on their current trip through the time loop.  This definitely raises the stakes on a play through. From the No Man's Sky site:

As players seek a way to unbind the time-loop curse, they will find a story-driven adventure at the heart of the expedition.

Follow the trail of your previous iterations, absorb memories, investigate significant sites, and work together to escape from the curse of the loop.

Shattered memories all point towards an encounter with an ancient space creature, The Leviathan – but will Travellers succeed in reshaping history, or are they doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past?"

I hope all the Interlopers out there get to experince this exciting new update!"

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