New Alienware m17 R5 now available with AMD Radeon RX 6700M XT graphics

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Hey Everyone!

Adding on to the news about the availability of our latest AMD based M series laptop in April, we’re excited to announce the availability of AMD Radeon RX 6700M XT graphics on our new Alienware m17 R5 starting today.  This makes the m17 R5 our first AMD Advantage laptop with AMD Smart Technologies:

  • The m17 R5 is the world’s first laptop with AMD Smart Access Graphics. Smart Access Graphics lets you enjoy incredible performance or extended battery life though seamless graphics switching without needing to restart your laptop.
  • AMD Smart Shift Max lets you dynamically shift extra power between the Radeon GPU and Ryzen CPU according to where the performance priority exists, in real-time. 
  • AMD Smart Access Memory boosts gaming performance by providing the Ryzen CPU full access to incredibility fast Radeon GDDR6 graphics members
  • And lastly, the m17 R5 is certified for AMD FreeSync™ Premium which synchronizes the display’s refresh rate with your Radeon graphics framerate to offer smooth, tear free, low latency and fast action game play. 


Checkout the Alienware m17 R5 here! 


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Nice to see More AMD Advantages laptop, AMD is broken Nvidia's monopoly!
And the RX 6700M is massive! 
watch some results: and