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Area 51m R2 no backlight

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Last week I broke the screen in my Area 51M R2. I know my way around the internals of a pc so i removed the broken screen. I ordered  the same 300hz G-SYNC panel as the one I removed. The new panel works great but I have no backlight in the screen. I have made sure the connector is not damaged. Part numbers for the screens match. The old screen did not light up at all when it broke. I get a display just fine with external monitor. Gaming also is not affected so i think motherboard and video card are fine. I am torn between another screen or replacing the connecting cable. I am open to any advice someone may have. Warranty is not an option as it ran out in February and I did not renew. Service Tag: 6S9RM53 Express Service Code: 14770151895

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Hello sir! Can you please send me a link from where did you buy the screen replacement? The screen comes with tobi eye track included. It is hard to replace the broken screen? If I had the 144Hz non G SYNC, can I replace that with the 300Hz with GSYNC ??? Thanks alot!