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Not Receiving Correct Amount of ARP

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Yesterday after the update I logged out of the site and cleared my cache and cookies then logged back in before doing anything else.

At the time of login, I was at 337 ARP. I did the daily quest for 30 ARP and the Time On Site for 5. Later in the day I did the bonus daily for an additional 10.

Today I logged in for the 4 ARP for daily login and 4 ARP for streak bonus. I did the daily for 5 ARP and Time On Site for another 5.

If you add that all together I should be at 400 ARP. However I only have 360.

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same. today there was quest for 100 arp and daily one. yesterday i had 375 and now after completing quests I have 399 lel....

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Does anyone even read these boards? I dont get half the points I should because nothing is working right. I didnt get points for the quest today, I cant get the points for Defy Boundries, Step off shows incomplet no matter how many times I play. I had the 2x booster going and it only worked on one thing. This is a joke and getting real old. Not sure why I keep trying on this site. I hope the computers work better than this site does.

Admin, are you going to follow up on any complaints?

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okiesgirl said: 13h

 Step off shows incomplet no matter how many times I play.


A week-long quest will always stay incomplete until it's duration is over no matter how much you play on any specific day.