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Alienware R12, Windows 11, and Game Launchers

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I got an R12 (Intel 11th gen i7, 16 gb DDR4, Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070) in the past couple of months. Inmost frequently play games through either the Epic or Steam launchers. The PC functions pretty flawlessly when I am in game, but almost always locks up and reboots or crashes after I have closed the game and launcher. I made sure neither the Epic nor Steam launchers load at startup. The software and drivers are all current. I’ve read online about people experiencing random lockups with Epic or Steam, but wondered if any of you have found a fix or work-around.

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Lock-ups indicate an issue with hardware, not with the software (game launchers).  Sometimes software can cause a hardware issue (bad driver) and other times the hardware itself is faulty.  Are you overclocking your system?  Have you monitored the temps of your CPU and Video Card (can do this using Alienware Command Center)?  What happens if you exit the game, but do NOT close the launcher do you stil lock-up?  Does it happen most of the time, or perhaps with only certain games?  Thanks!

Rich S.

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Hi and thanks for your comments.

I have not overclocked. The heat sink has been replaced by Alienware because it was faulty. The temps have been ok since the replacement, but I also need to check more frequently. It almost always locks up when I exit the game as soon as it finishes doing a cloud sync, whether I have used the full Epic or Ubisoft launchers or just the game shortcut on my desktop.I usually am playing AC Valhalla but I will try other games. It sometimes happens with Steam-launched Elden Ring too.