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Olympic Games are here!

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So the Olympics are starting and I was hoping to get a chance to watch them when I have some free time. The problem is that I am a millenial and do not have cable TV any more. Everything I have looked up online pretty much says the same thing - make an account on Peacock to watch. The problem is that in order to ACTUALLY watch any of the sports and not just BS highlights and interviews you have to pay for the premium subscription.

Am I forgetting an option or something that seems obvious to everyone else? How are you guys watching the Olympics this year?

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NBC is hosting the games and also broadcasts over the air (OTA) in most US cities. If you connect an antenna to your TV you may be able to watch that way. To see what type of signal coverage you have and the channels you may receive you can check

I use a $10 antenna and am about 30 miles from the antenna farm in my city and get about 30 different channels including NBC and all the other major networks.

Good luck


We can watch the games in free TV here. 500+ hours of the games (everything whats possible is shown live here). In the times of streaming services maybe the only possibility to get a lot of viewers.


There are also a lot of streams on different TV stations (also from other countries) - maybe you can VPNing to watch one of their free streams.