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15 R1, failed BIOS update, no post just a black screen

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So I went to update my BIOS from A09 to A12 and it froze my pc right away. Then a long time with no progress and I couldn't get any response I forced shutdown by unplugging. Now it is stuck in a boot loop and nothing will show on the screen, fans will kick on.

So far I have tried:

  • Unplugging battery and working solely with AC for all below
  • CTRL+ESC for BIOS recovery (not sure if it has this option, hasn't worked)

  • bridging the CMOS/CLRP1 (after the bridge I got 5 beeps, but nothing on the next restart)

  • removing the CMOS connection (multiple times and no POST)

  • running a display check with D key and fn+D (no response)

  • removing ram and swapping places (correct 2 beeps upon removal)

  • holding fn key before power (nothing)
  • if I hold END and plug the ac cord in the fans come full blast, seemingly I could do a blind BIOS flash??
    • I am unsure how to name the file aswell I currently have:
      • medium?v=v2&px=400


I have been all over the forums and the general consensus is that it is bricked and should be able to be rolled backed with bridging the CMOS, but I can't get that to be effective.

I did find this:

FYI I am 90% sure that I had A09 before I attempted the A12 flash, would it be useful to try this Phoenix BIOS Recovery with WINCRISIS? I found the schematic for my mobo[AAP20 LA-B753P, REV 1.0(A00) 2014-11-17] and the BIOS chip is a UH4 windbond W25Q64FVSSIQ_SO8, but not sure if that is phoenix or not.. It could be AMI or Insyde?

Last resort I could get the 'jaws of life' and directly flash the hardware, I see these for ~$10 on amazon.

Any ideas? Thanks!

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Wish I could help, you can't call Alienware for help ??  Not that they would, I had the same thing happen to me.  It was a bad bios update, and they ended up sending me my third computer lol

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Hi Ducky8624,

Your best bet is to contact Aliewnare support directy.  If your flash went bad (sounds like it did), the only solution is a re-flash.  Some models of Aliewnare systems have a blind-flash mode that enables you to recover using a specifically configured USB thumb drive and a key chord, but this is not an option for all models, and sometimes may not even work.  If you search around enough, you might find examples of ways to do a blind flash online, but there is no guarantee your specific system supports this method of recovery.  Give them a call, they will likely charge you for out-of-warranty support, but that should be cheaper than purchasing a whole new motherboard, or a new laptop all together.  Good luck!

Rich S.

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im just sharing here, downgrade your bios setting isnt make effect for my case and make it more worst no post..


there's to much case when dell bios update brick our mobo.. im gonna try to replace BIOS IC soon hope that would be work and i'll inform soon.. whatever im gonna never trust dell driver compability again.. if u're on warranty then very lucky at all.. but some people i found got refurbish part after request replacement, just make sure to check it before


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That point about refurbished parts being used - Alienware tech support said to me yesterday (4 Mar 22) that any PC/laptop less than 1yr old would get new parts if any failed. Any older would get refurbished parts.

I have an Inspiron 9400 (e1705 in some markets) that got a GPU for its 1920x1200 Trulife screen replaced under warranty at 4.5yrs old about a decade back. This was when nvidia had been taken to class action in US for shipping known-faulty GPUs to big companies like Dell and HP, presumably hoping those companies' warranty support would carry the can for them. In that case it worked out better since the part used had twice the VRAM. The laptop is still in daily use as well, at over 15yrs old.

Nvidia might have sorted out their act since then, but I still won't be spending huge numbers on their kit after that blatant "FU" to the end users.