Bioshock 4 Leaks: What to Know

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Update: A new rumor has come through suggesting that the game will take place in the 1960s in an arctic city named Borealis. 

Multiple leakers named OopsLeaks and RalphsValve have revealed some new information about the long-awaited Bioshock 4 game! Don't get your hopes up too much though-- it seems like, based on official press releases and other development times, that we won't see the game until 2023-ish.

That said, it's looking like more details are coming to light, which will give players something to look forward to. Here's what we know so far.

(Note: some of this information is old news, I know, but it is good to list it in context with the leaks; some of these leaks may or may not be accurate later on, but it's what we have to work off of currently.)

  • Elizabeth's quote in Bioshock Infinite sounds like it will apply to the newest installment as well: "There's always a lighthouse. There's always a man. There's always a city." Politics will be big in this one. (See the next few bullets down to see what I mean.)
  • Cloud Chamber Studios will be developing the game and was specifically made to create this newest Bioshock installment. While big-hitter series originals like Ken Levine won't take part, it sounds like some creatives worked on the original, so it should stick true to what made the first three games so iconic.
  • Bioshock 4, codenamed 'Parkside', is allegedly an open-world title set in a brand new location. Dubbed "Isolation", it will take place in a pair of twin cities. From leaked artwork, it appears that the cities are at war with one another. One is a wealthier city on the upside, the other is a more dictatorial-dystopic city below. They're engaged in some kind of "vertical war", and it sounds like players will travel between the two different city sections and choose between factions. Again, take these images and leaks with a grain of salt everyone! This hasn't been officially confirmed! That said, some recent job postings and official details seem to suggest that the open-world environment will be a thing.
  • OopsLeaks has suggested that the game will feature a large open-world, factions, sandbox combat, linear main story, sidequests, and, surprisingly, almost no backtracking. (I'm really hoping the no backtracking isn't true, since it would be a shame.)

There's also a rumor that Ghost Story Games is going to announce their studio's first project at the 2021 Game Awards in just a few days. The studio was founded in 2017 by Bioshock lead Ken Levine. It sounds like they've been hard at work in an immersive-sim sci-fi game, akin to Arkane's Prey title. I am beyond excited to hear the details and I hope this leak is true.

What do you all think? I know RalphsValve has leaked other information in the past that has come true, so I'm excited to see if any of this pans out. I'll make sure to keep everyone looped!

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Cool news! :)

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Sounds very interesting, will have to pull it off the shelf again