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Unable to launch game from AWA page.

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So, I have both Halo Infinite and CS:GO installed on my PC, however when I go and try to do the quests I do not get an option to launch the game directly from the website; rather I get a "Visit Steam" and "Check Games" buttons only. I have tried clicking on the "Check Games" button but nothing happens. Also tried differnet web browsers, and set my Steam options to all Public. What am I missing here? Thanks.

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Did you link your Steam account to AWA ? I linked mine and was able to launch it from the site . 


Update: I just found the issue. In my Steam profile settings, I had the option "Game Details" set to Friends Only. I just cahnged it to Publis and tried it and it now works. It doesn't seem to mention this in the Quest Setup about changing this option, but it works for me now. Thank you.