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Im guessing that the Dell rewards program must have died with covid because you never get them. You never get any response from the contact@alienwarearena supposed support email either. You might as well get a shirt and some socks.

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I'm still waiting for the Alienware Arena Banner, for a year now. So I'm not sure claiming physical rewards are any more reliable. indecision

I have never had an issue with my rewards. i have heard it can take time for some rewards do to if they are in stock 

I have been waiting 2 months for the $30 reward. Sent an email a week ago they did respond saying they will look in to it. Will update if I do hear anything. Would gladly cancel it though if I could get another beenie instead,

We are working with Dell to figure the problem out. There seems to be an issue over the last month with new accounts not getting inputted into the system at Dell.  I have been working the last week trying to sort all this out because its not cool that this is happening.  I'll try to keep you guys posted.  

I've gotten all my rewards to date . All Alienware Gift items as well as my Dell Rewards Cash from ( Did have a minor delay on shipments from Dell themselves due to Covid , but I got both of my Logitech controllers ! ) . I've gotten my Lanyard , Keychain , Hat and Shirt. They do mail them in batches so when they get enough peeps requesting them they send them out on or around the same day , Mostly to save on shipping im sure. The shirt came in around September and was my most recent reward . They even sent me a second Lanyard with my Keychain lol There was a mailing memo or shipping notice also that I got stating via email or was posted here somewhere . Also just a FYI Alienware Rewards are only open to Canadian and US Residents Only ;) Alienware Rewards Info

I've recieved all of my Alienware physical awarde, but the Dell rewards cash has been borderline useless.  It's expired before showing up twice.

The issue doesn't seem to be with older users/accounts, which the users posting they haven't had issues are. As one of the Admins said, it seems to be with newer accounts, and Dell not linking properly with them. Just thought this would be a useful heads up to seperate those saying they haven't had issues, and those that are having issues. There is definitely something not working properly right now, as a lot of users that have joined in the past few months are not getting the rewards. Then the support email where no one is being contacted back is a whole other issue.

I just don't want there to be a bunch of posts where Master users are saying they didn't have issues, and then the issue newer users are having doesn't get resolved.