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I think its about time arena rewards become available worldwide. they can just take shipping fee from the members if the problem is about shipping in us only

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I don't agree with shipping fee's being taken from members, For the most part they could do world wide without any issues because most business's/sponsors get shipping tax credits and discounted shipping for volume, so it isn't really costing them for shipping. What they do pay for shipping in promo's can also be written off as advertisement. Kinda like business advertisements being mailed for pennies then deducted off taxes, versus personal letters for 75 cents and none deductible for private citizen. Point trying to make is what something costs a business and what it costs and individual isn't even in the same ball park.

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I agree, I am from Turkey and I didn't even know what we were missing until I saw some region locked stuff complaints. It's really sad because the time to get high levels are even harder for us since we don't get 2 daily quests and we're getting less things for compared to them.  Even entering a sweeptake is not open for us :(