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Alienware we deserve a answer and a solution.

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We long time members are getting tired of being left out of giveaways due to bots stealing and selling keys that should rightfully be going to actual members starting from lvl 30 descending down gradually to the level 1.


1.Do you care about your dedicated members?

2.Why have you been so Quiet and not actively working with us to find solution?

3. What changes if any do you have to try and fix this?

4. What help can the community do to help you help us.

5. Are you willing to help fix this or are we just going to ignored.

Suggestion for a fix.

1. Implement a activity that would require a human response.

2. Implement a verification method.

3. Always start at lvl 30 as senoirity should be recognized as meaning something here.

4. Maybe have a setup where keys get added to lvl 30 accounts automatically after that setup up decreasing lvl claiming over a span of time.

5. Add a randomizer where the keys are random for anyone below lvl 30 like take a chance with a cooldown every 5 minutes kind of make a game of it to actively involved like slots.

I want you to know this not to attack or be negative to Alienware but we as your dedicated member are feeling left out now of days we did not work hard and put alot of time to just see all out of keys all the time. Its getting frustrating and discouraging when its getting worst and nothings been done or said. All we ask is we supported you please support us. Waiting on your response. Please don't let us down.heartyes

Please anyone that post please be civil and give any suggestion that might help them help us. I would like to see this as a positive discussion to make this place better for everyone. And to tell the bots to kick the dust they are not welcomed here anymore.

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I really like the lottery idea and I agree that the highest level members should receive the best portions of the meat. Maybe it should be a lottery system in general at least for lower level members, have a three hour entry window or something, require some human activities in order to qualify for a ticket.

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good games should be giveaways for high lvl and nothing else.

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Well you're right about the bots part. Some kind of verification should be enough to get rid of that. But the system of automatically adding games to higher level members is something no platform would ever do. It's like you just have to get to a higher level and leave the community and come back when you've got games in your account and get out again. Not having bots would start a first come first served system so anyone who comes to know about any new giveaway first would get his giveaway first and the rest after him. Also I'm kinda new so i don't know about it much but the ingame items still have many codes remaining after so many days so shouldn't bots be taking away those as well

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Would be nice as well if they'd provide arp for giveaways that you did not get or could not get due to level for a limited time like 24 hours after the giveaway ended. Always sucks not getting a code but i'll take all the passive arp i can get. Took me 5 years to get to 23 mostly passively and any little boost i can get would be very much accepted.