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any love for boardgames?

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Tell me, do you prefer online- or physical boardgames if any?

I remember my love for videogames came from the passion for adventures mixed with enjoying good times with friends. On top of that my excitement for fantasy is out of hand so my way straight to table top rpg was inevitable. To this day i tend to enjoy less screentime and prefer a good die-rolling story to any novelty rpgs onscreen.

Still years have passed and time tend not to be on my side, so i settled with my family and we play boardgames every now and then.

What do you think? Do you have your own story?

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I play a mix of both PC games and board games.  I dont play any online games like MMOs but I play games like fallout, mass effect, minecraft, etc.  I just recently got into a new board game series called Zombicide.  Bought the invader core game and 2 expansions and loved it so much I backed their current kickstarter for Zombicide Undead or Alive which is a wild west version of it.  Hasbro is releasing heroquest again this coming fall which has me excited.  I grew up on heroquest way back when first released.

I love board games and i made a lot for my friends in the 90s, now i make videogames for the bots mainly.


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I love board games! However, it's quite difficult to find some for only 2 players. I really enjoy the game Muchkin, a dungeon crawler tabletop. If you have any suggestions on 2 player games I would love to try them out!

I currently have:




7 wonders Duel

Odins Ravens

Lost cities 

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Terciogomes said:

iJess, check Race For The Galaxy. It´s a great two players card game.

Just bought it off Amazon! Excited to try it. Any tips? 


Physical Board games...some things are just better in person.

i like physical board gaems. because they are fun and based and redpilled


Love board games, but mostly table top RPGS, such as Call of Cthulu