Heroes & Generals 14 Day Veteran Membership Key Giveaway

Progress faster, earn more credits, and give a bonus to the friends in your squad with this 14 Day Veteran Membership key!
Keys available to Level 5+ members!

Your 14 Day Veteran Membership includes: 

  • +25% Credits Earned 
  • +75% Warfunds Earned 
  • +100% Rank XP Gained per battle 
  • +25% Ribbon XP Gained per battle 
  • 1 Additional Extra Combat Badge Slot per character 
  • 4th Equipment Slot 
  • +5% Squad XP Bonus

About Heroes & Generals:
Shoot, blow sh!t up, fly or bark orders in the ultimate Free-to-Play, large scale, multiplayer, shooter experience. Thousands of players in multiple battles fighting one massive war of nations. The first to capture 15 cities takes the glory.

How To Get Your Giveaway

  • 1. Create or log in to your Alienware Arena account.
  • 2. Click the "GET KEY" button.
  • 3. Create a new account or login with your free Heroes & Generals player account.
  • 4. Click on the Cogwheel icon in the top-right corner of the game screen.
  • 5. In the Menu, click “Redeem Voucher”.
  • 6. Enter the voucher code exactly as it appears on the page where you found it.
  • 7. Keys available to Level 5+ members!