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Collect & Win Bugged

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Quest its bugged!!

Can't take Monday

1st time I get a bugged thing in this site.

I guess I will lost ARP today, almost next day...

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45 minutes left to begin quest for Tuesday, I guess I won't get any help about it.

Tuesday work correctly, but now I won't be able to take Monday, can't get fixed since I reported it before?

Still no support...

Same situation for me, but only for Tuesday =(


I tried different options. Different browser, logout-login, different PC... nothing helped..

I just got bug in monday, couldnt get it, and still no one from site, admin or support helper "helps" me LOL

Same, but I didn't get the bonus. It would be nice if they could at least refund my 2x booster if they won't give the ARP. This is not the first time a quest has bugged for me. In fact it happens fairly often, but I haven't complained until now because this is a lot of ARP and a wasted booster.

Can't insert the image for some reason.


The bonus claim didn't work for me ( it just popped up a blank window. ) and didn't award any ARP for it even after refreshing. The quest page had alot of posts stating the same thing happened to them. After logging in today I see that the bonus ARP still was not awarded so I guess it won't be credited.