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You are not allowed access to this content.

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When I go to main Giveaway page, the giveaway for Hyperbrawl shows up for me and probably I could redeem the key, if it was not "All out! There are no more keys left in this giveaway!".

However, if I open another giveaway and try to get to the Hyperbrawl giveaway using its link, I get a "You are not allowed access to this content" info.

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Same it also tells me I'm not allowed to access this content and I'm pretty sure cus I'm bronze I should be allowed to see the stuff even tho it reset my level to 1 I think, at least I hear it should.

sakebreath said:

some GAs are region locked 

Maybe I wasn't clear. When the GA was the default shown on page, it has been showing in detail for me, with its description, "How To Get Your Giveaway" info, etc., yet at the same time it could not have been accessed from its link on the same page, so something had to be bugged here, either in showing it to me in one way of accessing, or denying access in the other way. Nothing I want to fight over, just reporting to make the site better. Cheers :)