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Problem with Quest "There's a new sheriff in town" / "Frame it"

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Sorry, but I dont get it ... I can't put any badges on (because I need lvl 3) or remove them (it was said, that you can remove one for clearing the quest even if youre lvl 1 or 2). The badges are just sitting in my list there but i cant move or click them. Then I recognized that I also can't put on any borders ... am I just stupid or is some known problem? I turned off all my adblockers and noscript for the site but that should be not the problem, because it doesnt change the issue.

It just says "You cant add any more badges", but I dont have any on ... so how can I solve this quest and/or get any borders?

thanks in advance

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... as I was writing the quest changed to "frame it" ... so I guess you have to change your border, but as I mentioned I can't put any borders on ... any ideas?

Hi, for the Daily Quest There's a new sheriff in town, I think you'll really need to be lvl 3 to be able to Edit your badges, based on the info on Lvl 3 Perks.

Unlock an exclusive badge pack and the ability to display 1 badge.

And yep, you'll get 1 badge from being lvl 1, but for using it you'll need to be lvl 3

But it's the only lvl-required Daily Quest, for Borders there shouldn't be a problem with changing them.

In that case on your Borders Page, you just click the border you want to apply, sometimes it may not change on the preview display, but after you exit to main page or refresh the page, you'll see the border added or changed.

I have a problem with these 2 quests. I's been a month i can't change both border nor badges, i click and nothing happens. I tried in different browsers same problem.