Live Stream Event: Guild Wars 2 - Icebrood Saga Champions Chapter 1

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Beginning on November 17 with Chapter 1: Truce, our Guild Wars 2 heroes form an uneasy alliance with Jormag, who insists that they’re not Tyria’s real enemy. It’s hard to take a manipulative elder dragon at their word, especially when they’ve left a wreckage of bitter wounds and broken bonds in their wake. But our allies have detected something sinister on the approach—and Jormag may indeed prove to be the less urgent threat.

Also, thanks to NCSoft and ArenaNet, everyone has the chance to win the Path of Fire expansion during Alienware's live stream! Watch and play with them live on Twitch on November 17at 11:00AM ET as they battle through the replayable 5-person Dragon Response Missions, Allied Factions and Dragon Slayer Mastery Track and Boons content included in the game update.

Good luck all!

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