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Steam Summer Sale

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Anyone had any good and dirt cheap Steam game to recommend at this summer sale event? on Steam 

Looking to get a few cheap game after I get Sonic Generations Collection earlier.


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for me i bought : borderlands 3 , hunt showdown , monster hunter: world 


I got the Cat Quest 1 + 2 bundle, lovely games. Not a fan of AAA cancer.


Also check out Sonic All-Star Racing Transformed, great kart game.


Dirt cheap? TES: Oblivion GOTY Deluxe (Not regular GOTY). It's at an all time low discount. The Witcher games. Don't Starve Together (also at an all time low %), and you even get a spare key to play with a friend. Thief Gold. Deus Ex series. That's it, I guess.

Doom 64 is also at an all time low. Though it hasn't been on steam for long to be fair, this first time it goes on sale but it's 70% off of it's already very low price. (I'm not listing specific prices as that would vary by region)

How are we defining 'dirt cheap'?  Some of the cheaper games I'll probably be picking up are:

And Yet It Move - 0.99
Galaxy Squad - 0.99
Geometry Dash - 0.99
Death Squared - 1.49
Brut@l - 1.49
Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine - 1.49
Moon Hunters - 2.24
GALAK-Z - 2.99

For other cheap games, there are some pretty good bundles on Fanatical right now, most notably the Lockdown Bundle 2 and the Build Your Own RPG Bundle, where you can get a lot of really good games for less than $1 apiece.

Thanks guy for all your valuable input. Will definitely check it out.