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Black Desert Online

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Do you think it is worth playing? Not sure if I want to play it or not.

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Can't hurt to try it out. They offer a 7-day free trial no payment required and sometimes they'll have events in which you can get the game for free if you get to level 50 within the event period which is relatively easy. It goes on sale at half price at $4.99 (like right now) often enough to justify waiting for it, but even at $9.99, it's still more than reasonable in my opinion.

BDO has one of the most expansive and rich open worlds in the MMORPG genre right now coupled with a unique fast skill-based action combat system and great character customization. Like all MMORPGs, it can be a huge time sink. 

I think it's definitely worth it if you play the game with a friend who's never played it as you can appreciate the unique aspects and features of the game together as you come across them. That's how I entered the game and I really enjoyed it as there's a lot to discover. I think I've logged 200+ active game hours, but my steam profile shows 2000+ because the game has idle activities which require you to leave the game running, luckily they have a minimize feature which lets the game run in the background without using a lot of system resources for whenever you do those idle activities.

So, Oldschool Runescape with better graphics or pay to win?