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New mouse CANT get used to help

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Guys, i can't get used to my new mouse Logitech G203, before this one i had redragon mouse(sorry can't remember the name). This new mouse just feeeeeels tooo smooth when flicking and i'm missing targets, also i can't find the right sensitivity. Can somebody help me? On how to setup, how to find sens for me... also for some reason mouse feels TOOO SMOOTH, is it a random windows mouse acceleration?

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I have had cases where the mouse behaved too smoothly. For me it was connected with vertical synchronization. Also, when I played osu, the mouse became too smooth when I set high fps limits like 240. I am not good at writing in English through a translator, I hope you don’t catch spelling stroke :).

You could try downloading Logitech Gaming Software for the Logitech site. You should be able to change the sensitivity to what you want. 

Smoothness and acceleration don't correlate.

Unfortunately I don't know what you're trying to describe, though. "Too smooth" can't be a thing. You might be misusing terms. If your mouse felt stuttery, that would be bad.

Can you change the dpi settings? I used to have some difficulties with my alienware mouse's dpi settings, depending on the application, but after fiddling around with dpi settings, it settled. Pretty much, find a spot where it is just slower than you need and a spot were slightly faster and then go back and forth until you adjust to a middle setting. It is sorta like a placebo effect but you can get used to it and it would work out for you.

TurdFerguson87 said:

Have you used LGS before? G Hub? Checked out the manufacturer's website?

No, i haven't, but so faar it helps me, thanks for your comment!

The only thing I can think of is the speed of the mouse cursor. That could either be changed in the software or Windows itself. I know they're there some games that have options where you can also change the mouse cursor slow fast for medium. I hope this helps.