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Have You Done A Quad Monitor Set Up?

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Hey hey all!

I have been running the Alienware 1900R 34.1" curved monitor with a Alienware AW2518Hf 25" monitor.  I have two more 25" monitors on the way and I want to do a quad set up with the three 25" monitors in a row for the bottom and the 34" curved above them centered.  The desktop that this will be going on is the Aurora R8 with an i7 9700 CPU and the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 GPU. 

From what I know this will run the 4 monitors BUT there are always things that go along with each different set up that you don't really know until you do it.  So I am wondering if anyone here has done this particular set up and if so what has been your experience? 


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No but you can try daisy chaining the display port from one monitor to another, or use am graphics card that supports output of four monitors.

Yes, I have three desktop monitors and one TV connected to my computer.

This makes everything so much better, from productivity to gaming, as I can view guides or videos on the other displays.

However, there were some things that annoyed me. In case you're using Windows – whenever you do something on another monitor, a fullscreen game on your main monitor will minimize. The only solution is to either run it in windowed mode, or use DisplayFusion to keep fullscreen games from minimizing. So I waited and grabbed DisplayFusion for 7 bucks on a sale on Steam.

DisplayFusion in general I can highly recommend to anyone with multiple monitors. It adds a ton of functionality that should honestly be native to Windows but isn't. You can have custom taskbars with system trays on all monitors, customize and save window layouts, save screen configurations, move windows around using simple hotkeys, have windows open on your preferred monitor etc. etc. I can't imagine being without it anymore.

"Monitor Profile Switcher" is also a great little tool that you could use if you can't afford DisplayFusion. All it does is save monitor configurations and assign them to hotkeys so you can easily switch at any time. Don't need your secondary monitors? Just hit a hotkey to disable them and save power. Want your main display to become 800x600 for some old game? Just hit a hotkey. It saves a lot of time when you would otherwise need to open your GPU settings every time.

This may be a lot more useful for someone like me who frequently switches between TV and desktop mode. I assigned the hotkeys to my controller (using SteamInput) so I can sit back on my recliner, grab the controller and hit the button. When I want to use my desktop monitors I just hit the hotkey again.

Thanks TheThurbo! I just downloaded Display Fusion ($35 for me right now) and it is exactly what I was looking for.  +rep